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I'm a research fellow working with Bill Thies at the Technologies for Emerging Markets group in Microsoft Researh India. Prior to this, I graduated with a masters from both Universite Paris-Sud and TU-Berlin.

During my masters, I worked as a research assistant and finished my thesis with Prof. Patrick Baudisch and Stefanie Mueller in the HCI lab at Hasso-Plattner Institut. I also interned at several other interesting research labs such as work practice technology group at Xerox Research, Analytics and visualization (Aviz) lab at INRIA-Saclay and in the Global Information Systems group at ETH Zurich.

My broad research area is Human–computer interaction. I am interested in understanding how interactive computing can meaningfully impact the lives of people who are marginalized and underserved in the society, e.g, how computing can affect areas like health and education for people living in developing regions, people with disability, etc.


14/12/15Linespace (Full paper) gets accepted to CHI 2016! Big thanks to my amazing advisers and colloborators - Stefanie, Patrick, Thijs, Rob and David
1/12/15CHI Rebuttals done!
12/10/15Excited to start research fellowship with TEM group at MSR India!
26/09/15Submission done to CHI 2016, Goodbye Europe! Hello Bangalore :)
05/09/153 weeks left and CHI 2016 Marathon officially begins
12/08/15Thesis defense there you go! There ends amazing jouney of masters
9/07/15Done with Thesis submission! Now onto CHI 2016 submission
26/05/15Back to real world from korea, thesis marathon begins: 2 months to turn in
18/05/15Going gangnam style, Hi Korea!
5/04/15Attending ACM CHI 2015excited to see friends and mentors
12/12/14Christmas with friends (German, Carla, Patrik and Sarah) at Stockholm
12/12/14A note submission from my internship in which I am co-author gets accepted for Publication at CHI 2015
09/09/14Joined Prof. Baudisch's HCI Lab at Hasso-Plattner Institute to work on my thesis and to do more research
25/08/14Invited talk at HCI lab in Potsdam
12/08/14Back to Berlin
25/05/14Visiting Torino
26/04/14Flying to Toronto to attend ACM CHI 2014
01/04/14Interning in the Work practice technology group at Xerox Research in Grenoble
12/03/14Invited talk at Prof.Marc Alexa's computer graphics group in TU-Berlin
06/02/14Full time exam preparation mode #finals
04/02/14Full Paper and Interactivity submission accepted at CHI
20/11/13CHI rebuttals submitted.
27/10/13 Hacking Emojah with Silver and Patrik at TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon
21/10/13Started school at new university TU-Berlin
04/10/13Arrived in Berlin
04/10/13Submitted to CHI Interactivity
18/09/13Submitted to full paper to CHI
21/07/13Flying to Trento for summer school - 2 weeks!